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Computer Support Services

Support for PC’s, laptops, networks, printer, mobile phones in fact any hardware connected to a PC or server whether wired or wireless. We install, maintain, repair and upgrade all software and firmware. Like you we have critical hardware devices and software applications and understand that when they have problems they need to be fixed quickly and at minimal cost. In the event of a complete system or network failure we will endeavour to get you up and running again as quickly as possible, because we realise that under such circumstances you need your PC’s/server working again without delay.

We can try to recover any lost data and advise on backup procedures for the future, or we can backup your important data for you. We will not leave you without your PC or server for longer than you can be without one. We can loan you a replacement while we work on yours so to minimise your inconvenience and allow you to continue with your operations.

Computer Repairs

Keeping your PC or Server running can sometimes be a nightmare. Dove Support takes away that problem ensuring that you’ll always have someone at hand to get you back on track. We can look after your Hardware and Software making sure that if anything goes wrong, it gets fixed as quickly as possible. We can remove viruses and spyware from your system and advise upon appropriate software and procedures to keep the system or network clean. We can install new software and hardware, upgrade any existing applications and advise you on new technology that may apply to you.

Computer Networks

Dove Support can recommend purchase of suitable equipment and then carry out full installation of your computer network from the computers upwards. We can install all software on each computer and make sure the system is performing to its optimum performance and to your requirements.

If you have an existing network, we can maintain the system for you and recommend suitable upgrades if necessary.